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For over 15 years, our team of highly qualified tree surgeons have been carrying out all aspects of tree surgery for domestic and commercial clients throughout Oxfordshire – with a special emphasis on Oxford, Cumnor and nearby locales. On this page, we’ve explained some of the most common and important tasks that we carry out on a day-to-day basis.


If you have a question regarding any of our arboricultural services, or you’d like to discuss your individual requirements with a friendly and knowledgeable team of tree surgeons, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call 01865 241 925 or 07972 673 636.

Tree Surgery Services Explained



This is a form of tree pruning which involves removing a portion of smaller branches around the outer crown. The aim is to create a consistent density of foliage, spaced across a carefully and regularly spaced branch structure. The most common reason our tree surgeons carry out this essential procedure around Oxford and Cumnor, is to increase the amount of light passing through the tree, and reduce weight and wind resistance.


Keep in mind the aim isn’t to change the current size or shape of the tree, and to ensure this doesn’t happen, tree surgeons will never thin more than 30% of the total crown. This form of tree pruning is very common, and usually carried out on broad-leaved trees. It’s rarely a one-time only procedure, especially when it comes to species that exhibit strong growth.



The crown lifting procedure involves removing a tree’s lowest branches. Tree surgeons will avoid major branches that are growing from the main trunk, as doing so could cause long-term problems, like significant wounds which lead to decay and cause structure instability. It’s important that before starting a crown lifting job in Oxford, Cumnor or wider Oxfordshire, that we check the age of the tree. This is because older trees need a lighter touch, with only secondary branches being removed.


The primary aim of this form of tree pruning is to increase light transmission to areas around the base of the tree, and to enable easy access under the crown. Tree surgeons shouldn’t lift the crown by more than 15% of its live height, and ensure it remains 2/3rds of the tree’s overall height. To this end, the Ross Francis Tree Surgery team takes precise measurements before starting the crown lifting procedure, working to pre-determined figures and not beyond.



As the name might suggest, this type of tree pruning is employed to reduce the height/spread of the crown. The main reason tree surgeons carry out a crown reduction is to minimise mechanical stress on either specific branches, or the entire tree. It can also increase light access and make the tree better suited to its environment. As with all aspects of professional tree pruning, this procedure shouldn’t involve significant alterations to the crown’s major framework.


Over our 15 years serving the Oxford and Cumnor areas, Ross Francis Tree Surgery has seen instances where DIYers with the best intentions have done exactly this, and have badly damaged a tree – sometimes beyond saving. This why our training is so important. We know how to make small cuts that don’t exceed 100mm in diameter, and to maintain the main proportion of the leaf bearing structure (just with a smaller outline).



Another key aspect of tree surgery we take on is stump grinding. Stumps are left behind following tree removal, and can pose a tripping hazard or simply impact the overall aesthetic of your land/property. Using a powerful stump grinding machine, our tree surgeons can make quick work of even the largest and toughest stumps, turning them into a mulch that you can use as an effective and free fertiliser. Alternatively, we can take it away with us, if you have no use or space for it.


But these aren’t the only arboricultural and horticultural services that we provide Oxford, Cumnor and the wider Oxfordshire area. We also tackle hedge cutting, garden maintenance tasks, and even woodland management. So whatever your requirements are, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our prices are highly competitive, and we have an immaculate health and safety record that ensures neither you, the public or any nearby property will be at risk during our work.

In need of any of the arboricultural services detailed on this page, or elsewhere on this website? Call Oxford and Cumnor’s premier tree surgeons today on 01865 241 925.

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