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With Oxford being such a beautiful, leafy city, it’s no surprise that there are so many tree surgeons who include it within their areas of coverage. But when you need tree removal, hedge cutting, tree pruning or a similar arboricultural service – how do you decide which tree surgery firm is the right one for the job? The abundance can make the decision difficult, more so than if you live in a town with just one sole tree surgeon.


On this page, we’ve looked to answer this question by talking about the categories that a quality tree surgery firm needs to succeed in to be worthy of your business. While it might seem we’d be biased in this department, as we’re obviously vying for the business of all Oxford property owners in need of tree surgeons, we’ve looked to address this by providing concrete and objective examples in every category we can. We’d love you to choose us, but if you end up opting for a different business, we hope this article can still help you find quality contractors.

How to Choose Your Tree Surgeons in Oxford



It’s incredibly risky to hire unqualified or inexperienced tree surgeons. There are inherent dangers to working at height, especially when something like a bough or branch could fall and damage property or worse, fatally injure someone. Ask tree surgeons what qualifications they hold, and if they can’t answer or offer up proof – don’t use them. The trained professionals at Oxford’s Ross Francis Tree Surgery, for example, have finished NPTC training as well as qualifications with industry leading trade body Lantra Awards. This means we can offer all arboricultural services, including tree pruning, tree removal, hedge cutting and garden maintenance, to an exceptionally high standard.



Some tree surgeons actually use third party/external contractors to deal with their workloads. They might assign a “gun for hire” who hasn’t undergone thorough vetting. This contractor might not have the necessary skills and experience to take on jobs like tree pruning, tree removal, hedge cutting or even run-of-the-mill garden maintenance. Or, more likely – they may cut corners as their reputation isn’t on the line. Ross Francis, the owner of our business, still works on site. This is motivation not just to meet the high expectations our Oxford clients have of us, but to exceed them. We want our name to be synonymous with excellence in our chosen field.



Even if tree surgeons have undergone extensive training, there’s nothing stopping them from neglecting known health and safety policy. When working at height on things like tree pruning (e.g crown reduction, crown lifting) they should be wearing all the essential gear. Things like: gloves, helmets, eye protection, ear defenders and proper footwear. If they’re not using this kit, alarm bells should start ringing. They may not be the shining beacon of professionalism that you’re looking for. After all, neglecting the proper safety equipment means other aspects of their work may also be neglected.



If a price seems absurdly low, beware! It’s probably for a reason. It’s a false economy to hire unqualified tree surgeons to do a job on the cheap. Their attempts at tree pruning, hedge cutting and even garden maintenance may end up doing damage and killing off beloved trees and plants. That being said, it’s important that tree surgeons offer the right price – especially in an ultra-competitive area like Oxford. We’ve gone to great lengths to research the market, and ensure that all services offered by Ross Francis Tree Surgery are at fair and competitive prices.


But the best way to figure out if a team of tree surgeons is the right one for the job is to speak with them directly. Call them, ask the above questions, and make sure they are confident in the task you need doing.

You can reach our Oxford-based tree surgeons on 01865 241 925. From tree pruning and tree removal, to garden maintenance and hedge cutting – we’ve got you covered.

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Tree Surgeons In Oxford