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The Ross Francis Tree Surgery team provides Oxford, Cumnor and all surrounding locales throughout Oxfordshire with a professional hedge cutting service tailored to your individual requirements. It may be that you have a single hedge that has got very overgrown and untidy, and you need it tidied up. Or it could be that you just need a team of arboricultural experts to provide ongoing maintenance for a series of hedges, ensuring they are trimmed at the right time each season.


Not only does hedge cutting improve the aesthetic of a specimen and the grounds on which it stands, but it keeps it healthy. Another benefit of professional hedge cutting, is it is a great opportunity to identify any emerging issues (like the arrival of parasites, or disease) and deal with them before they escalate and threaten both the hedge, and nearby greenery.


After all, every hedge is different. Some can go a long time needing very minimal maintenance, while others need regular TLC. Whether you’re a homeowner or operate a commercial entity, don’t hesitate to give us a call for all your hedge cutting needs. We’re familiar with all types of hedge, which we’ve described further down this page, and make sure to dispose of all the waste accumulated during hedge cutting in a responsible manner. Dial 01865 241 925 or 07972 673 636 and a friendly member of our team will schedule in an appointment.

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Types of Hedges & Their Requirements



The most popular conifer hedges in Oxford and Cumnor include evergreens like Yew, Bay, Box, Holly, Privet, Lawson Cypress and Leyland Cypress. Pyracanther is also somewhat common. These can undergo hedge cutting all through summer, and up to the end of September (although if unusual weather conditions hit the UK, this could change). Keep in mind that the majority of conifers will not grow back if they are trimmed incorrectly, so if you’re in anyway unsure how to correctly go about the procedure – call in our team.



The most common deciduous hedges we see around Oxford and Cumnor include Beech, Hawthorn, hornbeam and Hazel. They only really require hedge cutting once a year, usually after they flower (June-September). Just as conifers need to be treated carefully to avoid serious damage. We often see deciduous hedges with bare patches or brown patches due to poor maintenance.



Hedges & the Law


Just as trees and wildlife are protected by certain government legislation, so are certain hedges. For example, under section 1 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981), it is an offence to damage, destroy or move the nest of any wild bird that’s in use or being built. If one is spotted in an area of a hedge, then you mustn’t carry out hedge cutting, due to the risk involved.


However there are also some legal myths surrounding “high hedges”, which we’re often questioned about by Oxford and Cumnor property owners. So let us dispel some of these issues:


  • Not all hedges must be reduced below 2m
  • You do not need to seek permission to grow a hedge over 2m
  • An authority will not get involved in a hedge over 2m, unless a valid complaint is lodged
  • Complaining about a high hedge does not guarantee action will be taken
  • High hedge legislation is applicable to single/deciduous trees
  • You will not get an Anti-Social Behaviour Order due to a high hedge complaint


So, for one-off or ongoing hedge cutting services from Oxford and Cumnor’s leading tree surgeons, get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. If you’d like to see some of the hedge cutting projects we’ve taken on in the past, take a look at our Previous Work page.

Call 07972 673 636. As well as issuing fantastic customer service from start to finish, you’ll struggle to find hedge cutting as competitively priced as our own.

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Tree Removal In Cumnor
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Tree Removal In Cumnor
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Tree Removal In Cumnor
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Tree Removal In Cumnor